CPS has become my vendor of choice for both cleaning and light maintenance. They are extremely reliable, they get the job done in a timely fashion and do it affordably which is essential in this economic environment.

Jeff N. ~ Community Manager

Our community is beginning to show it's age so it is more important now than ever to keep it clean and well maintained. 4 Years ago CPS tailored their services to meet our budgetary needs and is still able to spend the better part of 2 days per week at our property. They have become, "The Eyes and Ears" of this place. Whether there is a light bulb out in a hallway or an eyesore near the trash or even a potential liability issue, one of their employees advises us accordingly so that those things can be tended to.

As a BOD Member and a long term resident of this community, I can honestly say that choosing CPS was one of the best decisions this BOD has ever made as this place has never looked better.

Betty, BOD Member

I've been in this business for many years and there has NEVER been a vendor that you could call on for those little tasks that needed tended to until now. Once I found CPS, my life as a Community Manager became a lot easier. It's gotten to the point now that after a BOD Meeting or a property inspection I basically just hand over my "Action Item List" right to them. They get all the work done in a timely manner or advise accordingly.

Andrea S.~ Community Manager

Sometimes I just call Mr. Burgess for advice. He was a Community Manager for quite a number of years prior to starting this business. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Community Management, and the Real Estate business. What a great resource!

William ~ Community Manager

David and his crews have been cleaning our community and the pools now for 3 years. We wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Joni D. ~ Homeowner